Simplifying the Path to Creating Your Best Life

Today we are all busier than ever. There are ever increasing demands on our time and money. It can be so overwhelming.

One Big Happy is where we share how our family overcomes that overwhelm to create a life that brings us joy every single day. It’s all about simplifying and streamlining life so we can focus our limited time and resources on the essential things that truly make us happy, while also planning for our financial future.

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Life Isn't Just About One Thing

There are so many different moving parts that go into creating a good life, but there is one constant that affects every single aspect of our lives: money.

How do you balance the things that you want out of life now with the needs of your future self?

One Big Happy is about taking a balanced approach to life and personal finance. We believe that you can live a life you love today while preparing for your financial future. The first part of the equation is to start living intentionally. We share tips and strategies for creating financial and life goals that actually reflect the kind of life you want. 

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Start Living Your Best Life Now

Once you’ve set your goal posts, then it’s just a matter of plotting a course that gets you from where you are now to where you want to be. But it’s important not to get so focused on the end goal that you forget that life is what happens in the space between. It’s all about enjoying the journey.

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