• August Online Income and Traffic Report

    Oh my gosh summer is over already! It really did pass by in a whirlwind. I think this had been the busiest year of my life. Every month so far this year I keep assuming that things would start to calm down and normalize the next month. That has not held true at all. In […]


  • July 2018 Online Income & Traffic Report

    I usually like to start these monthly onine income reports off on a personal note that talks a bit about the happenings in our lives over the past month. This month it’s a bit harder to do that because, well, we’re sad. July is Joseph and my birthday month and we had a wonderful birthday […]


  • May 2018 Traffic and Income Report

    May was a mix of exciting and sad for us here at One Big Happy Life. On a personal level, we lost our nanny unexpectedly, which left us scrambling to make new child care arrangements. Even though we were able to figure that part out and it’s actually working out really well, there’s still a […]