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  • 8 Essential Money Lessons You Need to Teach Your Kids

    This post was created as part of a paid partnership with Trademore. Growing up, my parents didn’t talk to me about money. Or I guess that I should say that they didn’t teach me about specific money concepts. I learned about currency in math class. The difference between quarters, nickels and dimes. How to calculate […]


  • How We Increased our Savings by $100,000 Last Year

    [embedyt] We saved an unbelievable $85,000 last year! That is the most we’ve ever increased our savings in a single year. In May we it a big financial milestone: we had saved our way to a $200,000 nest egg. Then six months later we hit another amazing milestone. Thanks to our decent savings rate […]


  • Our 2017 Financial Goals

    They year is halfway over and I’m only just now writing a blog post about our goals. That’s not because we didn’t have goals until now. It’s because we just had not had an opportunity to blog about those goals until now. We share our goals with you because we believe in transparency and we […]