…so you’re thinking about enrolling in Amy Porterfield’s

Digital Course Academy?

Here’s why you should do it with me
…so you’re thinking about enrolling in Amy Porterfield’s

Digital Course Academy?

Here’s why you should do it with me

Digital Course Academy was the catalyst that helped me grow and scale my side hustle into a multiple 6-figure business from scratch – so trust me when I say that it works.

Honestly, if you had told me when I was knee-deep in exhaustion, juggling working full-time as a financial attorney with making YouTube videos and doing all I could to use my corporate-honed knowledge in banking and finance to change peoples’ lives (plus showing up and being fully present for my 2 kids) that it would all work out and I’d be where I am today?

I’m pretty sure I would have served you up with one of my famous eye-rolls and sighed “yeah… if only”.

But here I am – living proof that it can work and that you can trade in your corporate cubicle for a life and business on your own terms (one where the only boss making decisions is YOU).

And here’s my Digital Course Academy bonus suite, created specifically for big-dreaming corporate side-hustlers like you who are beyond ready to take their skills and knowledge, share them with the masses, and finally wave goodbye to corporate life.

Saying that Digital Course Academy changed my life might sound like an overstatement... ...but it’s true

There I was: working in a demanding, high-level corporate job, spending my evenings and weekends churning out content, having to rely on algorithms and brand deals to make any kind of money, and starting to feel seriously burnt out.

The simple solution would have been for me to quit my side hustle, focus on my corporate job, and put my dreams of one day getting to be my own boss firmly back into the box they sprang out of.

But I couldn’t give up yet – there was something pushing me forward, pulling me towards trying to make this dream my reality.

And then I stumbled across Amy Porterfield.

When I told my partner, Joseph, that I wanted to invest in all 3 of Amy’s courses at the same time he thought I was insane.

I had no email list, no idea where to even begin when it came to having an online course, and the only audience I had were my YouTube subscribers.

But my dreams of being able to replace my corporate salary, take my side hustle full-time, get to make money doing work I love, and get to have the flexibility of being my own boss were strong enough to make me realize that I had to give it a good shot.

Before Digital Course Academy, Amy had three separate courses: Courses that Convert, Webinars that Convert and List Builders Lab. Lovingly ignoring my partner’s disbelief, I signed up to all three, telling myself that I had 60 days to do them and make it work.

Within those 60 days, I created a YouTube course, filled up my email list, and made back my investment in the courses and then some.

Finally my side hustle business felt easy and I really thought that the road to waving goodbye to my corporate life was just around the corner.

The imposter syndrome that kept popping up to tell me there was no way I could have my own successful, profitable business built upon my corporate skills and experience returned with a vengeance

…and it stuck around for 7 months. Even though I had made $5,000 from launching my YouTube course, I told myself it was a fluke.

A one-time thing that surely couldn’t and wouldn’t happen again.

And so I stopped following the tactics I had learned from Amy and went back to how I was doing things before.

Seven months on and the burn out was back – something had to give; there was no way I could keep living like this.

I had to choose: my corporate job or my business?

With 2 kids, a mortgage, and student loan debts, I knew that the only way I could finally leave my corporate job would be if I could make more money and replace my corporate salary with my business.

Enter Amy Porterfield – again!

Digital Course Academy taught me everything I needed to know about using courses to create consistent revenue in my business

When it first launched, I signed up immediately and learned all of the strategies that I needed to launch my course (Wealth Builder’s Society) and drip-feed it as a membership, before launching my second course (Startup CEO Academy).

Within a few months, the revenue being generated from these two courses had replaced my 6-figure corporate salary and I was finally able to leave my job and start working full-time in my business.

Not only was I ecstatic at being able to have the freedom, flexibility and autonomy that comes with being my own boss…

… I finally felt like I was working in my true calling: getting to use my education and corporate-honed skills in finance to help others build wealth, manage their finances, and get where they want to be in life.

But I know that going from full-time corporate to full-time entrepreneur can feel like an impossible task – which is exactly why I created

Bonus Suite for You!

Trust me, friend – I get it.

I can still feel that optimistic hope that would run through me when I would sit and imagine what my life would look like if only I could grow an online business that would combine my passion for what I do with my why for helping others and making an impact on their lives.

I remember the hunger I had when I was trying to make it all work so I could finally replace my corporate salary and go full-time with my business. Working all day in the office and then coming home, exhausted but still needing to record that week’s YouTube video, missing my youngest kid’s bath time and wanting to weep because I was so tired.

Always being taken to the edge of giving up, but never ready to give in.

So trust me when I say that I understand that when the overwhelm and imposter syndrome kick in, it’s almost impossible to know where the heck to even begin when it comes to creating a course and scaling your side hustle into your full hustle.

Taking your corporate-honed skills, knowledge and experience and turning them into a course that people will buy…..are you for real?!

And with the “security” and “safety” of your corporate job always looming over you, reminding you of what you’re risking by being so bold as to want to pursue your passion and live your life on your terms, it can feel easier to stay safe, play small and let fear win the day.

Well, not on my watch.

Alongside Amy’s amazing content in Digital Course Academy, here’s how I’m going to support you on your journey from corporate cubicle to freedom business owner

The Get It Done Accelerator

Amy is showing up HARD with the course creation goodness in Digital Course Academy.

But I know first-hand how difficult it can be to keep up that same level of momentum and energy you had when you first signed up to a course when your corporate job and other life responsibilities are knocking on the window demanding your attention.

And if you’re not careful, you may end up not implementing what you’re learning or taking any kind of real action to get your own course off of the ground – which means your dream of leaving your corporate cubicle will keep getting pushed back.

That’s where I come in!

In this bonus, you’ll get 4 weeks of post-Digital Course Academy coaching with me. We’ll work together to help you take the next right steps to get your course created and launched.

I’ll stick by your side as you put Amy’s teachings into practice so you can take action, make real progress in a short period of time, and get your course in front of your audience as soon as you can – yep, even while juggling your 9–5!

Worth $XXX

Organic Growth Strategies Masterclass

Thanks to Amy, you’ll get amazing resources that will help you use paid-for ads to build up your email list and attract leads for your own online course.

But when your business is still firmly in the side-hustle phase, it’s often not possible to invest any kind of money in paid-for advertising.

And if you don’t have any leads for your course and a kind-of-on-the-micro-side email list…how will you ever manage to sell enough spots in your course to replace your corporate salary?

I got you, friend!

In this bonus, you’ll get access to my exclusive Organic Growth Strategies Masterclass. I’ll show you how you can use social media to grow an audience of high-quality leads without it taking up every single waking hour of your day.

I’ll walk you through making a plan and strategy (customized to your business and target audience) so you can easily build and nurture your audience on social media ORGANICALLY (i.e. for free).

Worth $XXX

YouTube Made Simple

In Digital Course Academy, Amy will show you how to leverage a whole host of audience-building platforms and conversion-generating funnels so you can welcome as many students as possible onto your course.

But one platform Amy doesn’t cover? YouTube!

Now, if you know me you’ll know that YouTube is kinda, sorta my JAM. I’ve used it since the very beginning – back when this 6-figure business was still a side hustle – and it has been the number one audience-building platform in my business.

Creating rich, evergreen content on YouTube is what has helped me fill up my courses and online membership and so I know it is too good a platform to miss when it comes to YOU scaling your business and finally being able to wave goodbye to corporate for good.

In this bonus, you’re getting access to my YouTube Made Simple course where I share all the strategies behind building a successful YouTube channel no matter where you’re starting from.

I’ll give you a step-by-step roadmap to help guide you through making YouTube your jam too so you can reach more of your people and build your very own audience of raving fans, email list subscribers and soon-to-be course students.

Worth $297

PLUS an exclusive ‘Pay In Full’ Bonus: My Digital Course Academy Launch Debrief

You hear the revenue reports and see the numbers…but sometimes it’s hard to fathom just how someone can make thousands (if not millions) of dollars in a single course launch.

Fathom no more! As an exclusive Pay in Full bonus, you’ll get the inside scoop on my Digital Course Academy affiliate launch.

I’m pulling back the curtain on my step-by-step affiliate launch strategy so you can learn what worked, what didn’t, and get the breakdown of my results.

I’ll lay bare my exact launching process so you can pick up my best tips and strategies (and avoid any mistakes) to make your own course launch as easy, impactful and profitable as possible.

Worth $297

By purchasing using my link, you’ll get automatic access to my bonus suite

Digital Course Academy = $1,997

My made-for-future-corporate-escapees bonus suite = FREE (worth $XXX)

Tasha, I NEED your bonus suite on top of the amazing content in Digital Course Academy

are you in?

Amy Porterfield gave me the key to creating consistent revenue in my business and she’s about to do the same for you.

Not only am I privileged to count her as a friend, Amy is the exact person I’d want on my team if I were putting together a Marvel-esque ‘League of Extraordinary Entrepreneurs’.

Amy knows courses – she’s launched 8 courses to date (bringing in a cool $9.1M in course launch revenue just last year) and has been in the trenches of digital course creation and marketing for multiple years.

And in Digital Course Academy, she’s sharing all her wisdom so that you can learn how to go from “struggling to make money online, going to be stuck in corporate forever, plz send help” to knowing exactly how to create a profitable digital course that you can launch over and over again.

Amy teaches in a step-by-step, no fluff way – which is exactly what you need when you’re doing a course on the side of working full days in the office. The teachings focus on helping you turn your own unique knowledge and know-how into a digital course that sells – one that will generate consistent revenue and be the key to you taking your side hustle full time.

Trust me, it works.

And with my bonus suite? Well, it’s just another one of those can’t-be-beat pairings.

Ben and Jerry.

Milk and cookies.

Amy and Tasha.

Now I know what you're thinking.

“Hey, Tasha – what makes your bonus suite so special?”

Great question. Let me put my lawyer brain back on for a sec and lay out the evidence for you.


I remember my own skepticism when I first heard about using digital courses to build your business

In fact, I remember thinking there was NO way I could actually use my corporate-honed skills and experience in building my own online business. Amy’s teachings in Digital Course Academy firmly busted that belief. But that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten the feeling of desperately wanting to pursue entrepreneurship but feeling constantly held back by the worry that your idea won’t “work”. In The Get It Done Accelerator bonus, I’ll be there to help you get started with taking action and diving into creating your course, plus I’ll be sharing my own brand of wisdom when it comes to using your corporate background to help build your online business.


I understand what it’s like to be trying to build a business while also juggling a demanding 9–5 (and kids, student loan debts, mortgage payments…)

I like to tell people that I was an “accidental entrepreneur” – when I began dabbling in my side-hustle by creating YouTube content, I was still working full-time in my corporate job as a financial attorney. So I understand the specific difficulties that can arise when you’re having to constantly flip between “Corporate You” and “Entrepreneur You” – especially when it comes to putting in the work to build and nurture your audience. In my Organic Growth Strategies Masterclass bonus, I’ll walk you through how to simply and easily create a content sharing strategy so you can consistently show up on social media without it turning into a whole other job in itself.


One year ago I was sitting exactly where you’re sitting now

I was on the cusp of an amazing opportunity in my corporate job that would have given me everything I had ever worked for – but I walked away. I walked away from the sort of career uplevel that most people dream about because I knew I wanted (and needed) more from my life. I wanted more challenges, more adventure, full control of my own schedule…and I wanted flexibility. The biggest fear that held me back? The idea that I was walking away from a safe, secure job for the “feast or famine” cycle of entrepreneurship. Discovering Amy and diving into the world of digital courses is what enabled me to squish that fear because I was able to make consistent revenue in my business. Now I get to make an impact on peoples’ lives, work on my terms, make money for myself and get to be there when my kid comes home from school every afternoon. I want the same for you.
Without Digital Course Academy, I wouldn’t be where I am today

Here’s the thing: I built this business of mine from scratch. I didn't know anyone, I didn’t have any connections…I really had no idea what I was doing.

Digital Course Academy and Amy Porterfield changed that.

Amy showed me how I could do a full pivot from corporate employee to online entrepreneur. She made me see that I could use my skills and experience to help so many more people and make the sort of big impact I’d always wanted to make.

Going through the course and learning the strategies gave me the confidence to see that I could have the lifestyle of my dreams without having to work at a job I hate to do it. I realized that I could have more adventures, make more impact, have more control over my own schedule, and get to be there for my kid’s bath time every single night.

And that’s what I want for you, too.

You should be able to quit your corporate job, go full-time in your business, and do all the things you want to do in life.

You shouldn’t have to stay in a job that you hate just to be “sensible” or feel “secure”.

You can have it all, friend – you deserve it.

And if you stick with me and Amy? We’ll help you get there.

I'm ready to join the

When you purchase using my link, you’ll get automatic access to my bonus suite

the reviews

she transformed my business and helped me book 4 new clients in a week!
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If you’re ready to wave goodbye to your corporate life and finally step into full-time entrepreneurship, then Digital Course Academy + my bonus suite is exactly what you need
Let Amy’s teachings give you everything you need to know to create and launch your profitable course in 12 weeks – and then let me show you how I did it and how I went from corporate lawyer to multiple 6-figure business owner so you can do the same.
When you purchase using my link, you’ll get automatic access to my bonus suite