Get to Know the Family



Joseph grew up in Lubbock, TX where he fell in love with the outdoors through Boy Scout activities and during visits on his grandfather's farm in South Texas.

 He’s a pretty handy guy that loves DIY and is constantly learning new skills.  Joseph is an attorney with an accounting, finance, and business background.

When he's not at home making sawdust and dry jokes, he manages a large lease portfolio at work applying his skills as an attorney, accountant, and data scientist.

Yes, it's as stiff as it sounds.


Tasha was born in South America but grew up in New York City where she joined the Marine Corps right out of high school.

After becoming a single mom at 19, she decided to become a lawyer so that she could have a career that would allow her to provide for her little girl, Alexis.

She ended up going to a quaint little law school in Connecticut called Yale. After law school, she moved halfway across the country to Texas.

Joseph and Tasha met soon after law school and bonded over their love for all things DIY. They spent one of their early dates wading through insulation in Joseph’s attic in 100 degree weather to install sheets of radiant barrier.

Over the past six years they have lived in four different cities, in three different states, and owned three different houses. They have ran triathlons, birthed foster puppies, saved their first $250,000 towards retirement and had a baby after battling infertility and loss.

They have explored their local state of Maryland, the Caribbean, and have a trip planned to Singapore in late 2017.

And that was just the beginning! There is so much more to come. They hope that their adventures inspire you on your journey to create an authentic life that you love.

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