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How to Afford Anything You Want

Yes, you CAN build wealth and enjoy your life today.  This free course will show you how. Inside the course, you'll discover:

  • How to envision and embrace your big dreams for your life (and use your money to make them happen
  • How to spend guilt-free on the things that make you happy while also investing for your abundant financial future
  • How to set your financial priorities so that you never have to say “I can't afford it” ever again

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"Truly life changing!"

“I had never thought about or planned out the details of my dream life before now.  This has been truly life changing and given me the tools and mindset training I need to create a vision for that dream; and an action plan to bring it to fruition!

- Eboni r.

Hi, I'm Scarlett

I'm a Yale-law educated finance attorney and wealth creation coach. After almost a decade in non-profit consumer finance, I started One Big Happy Life, where I've taught millions of people just like you how to take control of their money and start building wealth.

But beyond the credentials, I'm also a person with kids, student loans, a mortgage, and a dream to leave a legacy behind. And yes, I want to enjoy my life too! 

I've gone from being a single teen mom living under the poverty line to being on track to have a $10+ million dollar nest egg–while working in public interest!

I've done it. And you can do it too. Let's go.



How to Afford Anything You Want

You deserve to live your dream life and that life costs money. In this free course you’ll learn how to balance spending for a life you love today with building your best financial future.