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A proven path to building wealth your way while creating the rich life that you deserve.

You deserve to live your dream life...

This is a book about money, but it’s not really about the money. It’s about what becomes possible for you when you understand how to put your money to work to create the life that you want. 

Mastering your finances and learning how to use your money to create that life is a non-negotiable–because let’s be honest: life costs money. 

The good news is that you can create a money plan that you actually enjoy sticking to –one that allows you to build wealth while spending guilt-free on a life that you love today.

it's not about the money... ...because you're here to change your life.

In this book, you'll learn how to...

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It's Not About the Money Live Virtual Experience

Join me for this virtual live event in February 2023 for 5 days of community and daily live coaching and Q&A calls working through the core concepts and exercises from the book.

It's Not About the Money
Reading Guide

This workbook and guide is filled with questions and exercises to help you start taking action on the lessons you've learned inside It's Not About the Money.

Creating a Money Practice
Cheat Sheet

This action-focused summary will help you start implementing a simple money practice so that's easy and sustainable so that you can spend more of your time enjoying the life that your money makes possible.

Bonus Guide: How to Apply It's Not About the Money For Entrepreneurs

Learn how to take the principles from It's Not About the Money use them to become more effective in your business.

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I’m Scarlett

about the author

I'm a Yale-law educated finance attorney and wealth expert. After almost a decade in non-profit consumer finance, I started One Big Happy Life, where I've taught millions of people just like you how to take control of their money and start building wealth.

But beyond the credentials, I'm also a person with hopes, kids, student loans, a mortgage, and a dream to leave a legacy behind. And yes, I want to enjoy my life too! 

I've gone from being a single teen mom living under the poverty line to living the life of my dreams while also creating a multi-million dollar legacy for my children.

I've done it. And you can do it too. Let's go.

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