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It's time to kick restrictive budgets to the curb. A one year spending plan gives you the power to go beyond just this paycheck or this month to make a plan for your money–and your life–for an entire year.

No more wondering if you'll be able to take that vacation or splurge on holiday decor this year. Start planning your financial dream life in just 15 minutes.

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"I started using the one year spending plan in January and it has already changed my life."

“I had debt that I could afford to pay but I wasn't getting anywhere fast and I wanted to turn things around. Using the one year spending plan I went from not focusing on my finances to really honing in on my spending. Six months later I'm on track to being debt free and building wealth in the next 18 months–something that I used to think was at least 5 years away!”

- Joseph j.

Hi, I'm Scarlett

I'm a Yale-law educated finance attorney and wealth expert. After almost a decade in non-profit consumer finance, I started One Big Happy Life, where I've taught millions of people just like you how to take control of their money and start building wealth.

I've gone from being a single teen mom living under the poverty line to being on track to have a $10+ million dollar nest egg–while working in public interest!

I've done it. And you can do it too. Let's go.