Program Assistant

You love making people feel seen and supported and nothing fires you up more than to see others WINNING! 

You’re the one your friends go to when they need someone to share their big goals with, some thoughtful perspective, or just some major motivation. You love people, and you’re driven by results and know exactly how to get someone motivated to achieve the goals they’ve set for themselves, even when the going gets tough! 

But you’re not just an amazing motivator that gets results. 

You know how to organize and knock out the practical to-do lists that get stuff done on the back end too. You have an extreme attention to detail and take an it-ain’t-over-until-it’s-over approach to everything you do. 

You have a super power for maintaining numerous task lists (for multiple people and projects) organized in your brain.

When you take on a project you take ownership and use your research skills and creativity to do your best work because nothing lights you up more than seeing your ideas come to life. 

If that sounds like you, you’re in the right place.

We’re looking for a Program Assistant  to join the One Big Happy Life team. This role is a hybrid role where you’ll provide support with administrative operations behind the scenes and will also be client facing as you support our student communities on the front end and help us continue to improve and refine our OBHL programming.

We are a fast-growing company focused on helping people create lives that they love today while also building wealth for their best financial future. We’re on a mission to empower everyone with the inspiration, motivation, and the practical tools that they need to transform their lives. 

We are looking for someone to join the company to support our administrative back end tasks as well as helping us to support our customers inside of our programs.


  • There’s no greater feeling of accomplishment for you than knowing you’ve solved an issue for someone or done something of value.
  • You’re really good at creating and following a plan AND trying to make that plan even better next time ;).
  • You daydream about finding ways to get better results for your clients/students without bloating the calendars of the team.
  • Being able to visualize the entire journey so you can get your clients maximum results makes you burst with excitement!
  • You know that it isn’t all glamorous, and the behind the scenes work is just as important as the client facing stuff to make sure we’re keeping clients on track while also growing our business.


This role is the perfect fit for someone who wants to work with a dynamic team of go-getters on a mission to inspire people to rethink what’s possible for their lives. You understand that not everything is exciting all the time… sometimes we just need to put our heads down and do the work, so our clients can get the highest value out of everything we create. 

Imagine what it’d be like coming to work every day (virtually 😱) where you’re respected and you have the opportunity to grow and learn new things. You’re surrounded by a team of go-getters who are supportive, encouraging, cheering you on and pushing you to be the best version of yourself!     You’re rewarded for taking initiative on new projects + you can openly communicate and help streamline the way we do things. 

*Important: This position is more than just responding to a few emails. We’re looking for someone to cultivate positive relationships with our community, be an innovative and strategic thinker, and make sure that our students continue to feel seen and heard at all times!

Yup, we’re practically a group of magical unicorns who love adding flair + personality to our work-family (aka YOU)! 🦄

We’re a fast growing company and were looking for a needle in the haystack (*hint hint, this could be you) to join our team and help us relentlessly drive our mission to completion. You’ll never be bored, you’ll always have fun + so many opportunities to grow into new and evolving roles. ​

Honestly, the job is not all unicorns and rainbows (although it is pretty magical) — there is some good news and there is some bad news…


⚡️ The hours can be weird. At first we may have 20 hours per week during major initiatives it might be more like 25-35. Then as you start to get more familiar with our business, we’d love for you to join us full-time. 

 ⚡️ We are looking for someone who can join our team o with these part-time hours, but feel like this is the place that you want to make your full-time home, and this is NOT a fit for you if you’re trying to build your own business

⚡️ Although we’re okay with “side gigs” / work outside this role (especially before your role reaches full time hours), it must not compete or overlap with the work we do, or interfere with your role and responsibilities within the team. Any consulting, coaching or side gigs related to copywriting, launch strategy, marketing, business building, personal finance, self-development, or entrepreneurship are not permitted. This allows us to project a united front, show that we are in this together as one business, and have the greatest possible impact.


  1. Our office is virtual...which means you won’t have to walk up a flight of stairs, sit in traffic or have to put on a fancy suit and tie. You can come to work in your pajamas, wear a costume or even gym clothes. We only ask that you’re available for our weekly team meetings.

  2. The work is fun, fresh and dynamic. You will be working directly for our founder, and helping her with a mix of initiatives, projects and more. She loves ideas and is looking for her right-hand person to support her + her community. In her dream world, she brings an idea to the table and you use your magical powers to make it happen (without her having to micromanage the whole thing).

  3. We’re not big on stress. So, while we will expect you to work efficiently and get things done, we focus on open communication and getting things done right the first go around. We’re not big on double checking your work or having a bunch of back and forths just to get a task done. When it comes to your tasks, YOU are the expert–which is why we need you to take charge and get ‘er done the best way you know how!
  1. The hours are super flexible + we support families. We will work with your schedule to get a routine that works for you and your life. Two long days a week best for you, plus short check-ins each morning? No problem. Rather work mid-morning until mid-afternoon? Cool, we can do that too. But our preference is that you’re within 3+/- hours of Eastern Time zone as our company operates in EST.
  1. You will experience things, do things, grow and make decisions on things that no typical administrative/community support  role would ever allow you to do. You will be able to dictate the work that you do and help guide the direction of the client success.  
  1. You’ll have a ton of autonomy, we encourage your intrapreneurial drive. There will be lots of opportunity to bring your ideas to the table and boss us around when you need us to get things done. Seriously — we want you to take charge and be creative to get the results!

  2. You don’t have to run your own business! Maybe you’ve been around that block, and it wasn’t for  you. Now you can have all the benefits of supporting people to create their dream businesses that provide freedom, without all the headaches + expenses of actually building your own empire. It’s like the best of both worlds! You don’t want the pressures of marketing + growing your own business.


  1. You need to nail down the details. You don’t need to race through work and get things done half-assed (that’s the exact opposite mindset we need). I need you to have an eye for the bigger picture + how things fit together and be able to nail the details that match, and get them done efficiently. 
  1. You need to be the type of person who gets joy out of getting results for others. Every day, you will be focused on the highest value activities that will get our clients results. From the nitty gritty administrative requirements that create a smooth back-end experience, to the fun and engaging content that inspires action, your biggest focus will be helping our clients feel supported as they work through our programs and change their lives.
  1. You’re fired up about our mission to help more people create the life that they’ve been dreaming of. We believe that every person deserves to live their dream lives and to build wealth that will provide for them for the rest of their lives and leave a legacy for their families. We believe that when people are able to make empowered financial and life decisions, we create a world where everyone can thrive.
  1. You will be communicating with our client, community + the team. So, you need to enjoy talking with people and giving/getting direction, and be able to do it with love + empathy…even if you’re having a shit day. High emotional intelligence is vital to this role, as is the ability to have difficult conversations with our clients from time to time when they hit a wall and need some tough love.
  1. You need to be comfortable on zoom. Since we are entirely virtual all of our meetings + coaching sessions take place on zoom. The expectation is that you are available with video to participate.
  1. You love to amplify things. You’re really good at taking a wisp of an idea, or a casual comment from a client and turning it into a resource that drives results. 
  1. You are meticulous in your work. We’re looking for someone who understands the difference between efficiency (👍) and productivity (👎) and gets shit done. (Oh and we occasionally swear during zoom meetings…not much…but sometimes a joke is only funny with an F-bomb). 
  1. You share our company values. We believe Black Lives Matter, we stand for LGBTQ+ rights, and we are actively working to build an equitable, inclusive, anti-racist company from the inside out. We encourage you to apply if you share those values.

In short, your job is to help us in any way you can drive our mission forward + continue to improve the experience and results for our clients.  And to have fun at work, lots of fun (who wants a job that isn’t fun?!?). 

But what we don’t expect is perfection for you to qualify for this job. Tools are teachable, but we do expect you to have a solid understanding of the online business world and a keen interest in transformative coaching. We expect intelligence, energy, organization, resourcefulness and a get it done attitude. 


  • Manage Tasha’s priorities, calls, and calendar daily 
  • Identify areas of improvement + work closely with the team on executing these ideas 
  • Use a project management software to keep projects + initiatives moving forward and on time 
  • Organize + stay on top of our Google Drive
  • Rewrite + record SOPs as they come up or when they change (you will be responsible for them being up-to-date) 
  • Live launch support (includes time stamping, setting up recap pages, creating + scheduling graphics, sending emails, downloading recorded sessions + supporting team) 
  • Organize travel, photoshoots, and details for Tasha
  • Research + reach out to potential collaborators for podcast interviews, speaking opportunities, publications, and collaborations + drive them to execution 
  • Schedule Zoom meetings and ensure all documentation + details are in place 
  • Attend weekly team meetings + take notes and ensure the team is executing everything

*Although these are the main tasks this job might encompass other tasks as well

  • Write + create content to help support and encourage students through our programs (must have basic design skills with Canva) 
  • Respond to students + prospects + customers and get their questions answered 
  • Customer support: billing issues, pauses/cancellation for our products, troubleshooting, course access, general support & coaching 
  • Create student + customer surveys and forms to ensure we are serving our community to its fullest 
  • Improve retention within our community + identify triggers that encourage community-building behavior from members and reinforce the behavior 
  • Attend weekly Zoom meetings for our programs and occasionally take over the calls as needed
  • Create weekly program newsletters and community posts within our private student communities.
  • Monthly community engagement strategy & plan + scheduling out all community building + customer service emails and messaging, making sure they go out without any errors or discrepancies 
  • Keep a list of feedback and FAQs so we know where our offerings need to be updated 
  • Taking control of all customer service requests including and not limited to technical issues, cancellation process, questions, concerns, etc. 

 *Although these are the main things this job might encompass other tasks as well


  • Be confident on zoom calls
  • Available for weekly and monthly team calls
  • Have high emotional intelligence
  • Willingness to follow and create systems + processes
  • Very empathetic and strong communication skills
  • Competent with technical issues
  • Comfortable operating autonomously
  • Be an independent, self-starter who executes tasks on time and with a high level of attention to detail!  
  • Comfortable having difficult conversations 
  • Take direction well and thrive in a high-performing team. 
  • Be loyal, hardworking, and comfortable in a fast paced small-business environment where priorities can change quickly. 


We will likely get 100+ applications for this role and we simply don’t have time to interview that many candidates, so make this stand out if you want a job that will change the entire trajectory of your life. 

If this is a job that gets you so excited that you would even do it for free, we would totally accept that offer from you. (We're kidding, but corny jokes are par for the course on this team!) But if you prefer compensation (and we totally get it…we prefer getting paid as well) this is what we offer: 

  • The rate for this role will be $20/hr to start, with room to grow as you grow and add more value to the company and our clients. 
  • This is a part time position. The hours would start around 20 hours a week and likely grow from there into full-time over the next 3-6 months. 
  • This is a virtual role, so you can work from wherever is most comfortable — but we’d prefer someone who is within 3 hours +/- of the Eastern Time zone. 
  • When it’s safe to travel again, this position may require travel for team meetings, retreats, or events up to four times a year.

In addition to being a detailed person, you must follow systems and processes. In fact, just to prove that, when you apply for this position you must use the secret subject line for the email — it must include “I have found my type of peeps”. Yep, that’s our little trick to sort out the people who blanket send their resume to anyone and everyone, from the folks (that’s you) who are truly interested in this position. 

We are looking to bring our new colleague on board as soon as possible, but we will spend the necessary time to find the best fit both in abilities and culturally. 


  1. Click the button below to fill out the application.


  2. Create a video answering the following questions: 
    1. Tell us how you will fit in THIS job specifically. We know what’s a fit for us and want to know if this is a fit for YOU. We will NOT be calling you to clarify whether or not you’re a fit. Share with us why we’d be lucky to have you on the team and why you’d make the perfect fit.
    2. Share an interesting fact about yourself

After you submit your application, THEN email your video to with the secret subject line. 

We can’t wait to meet you!


One Big Happy Life, LLC provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment and prohibits discrimination and harassment of any type without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, disability status, genetics, protected veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state or local laws.