Become an inevitable millionaire and create the rich life that you deserve Today.

Wealth Builders Society will help you take control of your finances and manage your money with confidence so that you can build wealth with ease and achieve financial freedom while spending guilt-free on a life that you love along the way.

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"Implement this program and you'll see BIG, positive changes!

Getting a structured approach to building wealth is amazing, and if you implement what you learn in Wealth Builders Society you really will see big, positive changes! The roadmap and content videos with the coaching sessions have been so valuable. 

Since joining, I've been able to take decisive action in my finances, and feel confident in those decisions (particularly with regards to retirement), and decrease my stress with unexpected and/or irregular bills. The depth and breadth of information in the program to help with so many areas of my financial life has been great!


What's Included In Your Wealth Builders Society
Lifetime Membership

The proven strategies, tools, and like-minded community you need to make confident financial decisions in your day-to-day life that prioritize spending for joy today, building your financial stability, and growing your wealth.

The Wealth Your Way Core Curriculum

This 8-module curriculum is where you'll lay down the foundation to create a rock-solid wealth plan to support your dream life and make financial decisions with confidence.

Remember, the reason why we often get overwhelmed with ALL of the financial strategies out there is that they aren't rooted in a SOLID foundation and a simple, comprehensive framework that helps you build wealth on autopilot while also thriving in your day-to-day financial life.

By the time you've gone through this curriculum you'll have a total understanding of the wealth-building foundation that is custom-tailored to your unique vision for your best life.

Here's a snapshot of each easy-to-follow module: 

Module 1:

Your Relationship with Money

Module 2:

Defining Your Best Life

Module 3:

Know Your Numbers

Module 4:

Spending With Intention

Module 5:

Growing Your Wealth

Module 6:

Your Financial Safety Net

Module 7:

Debt Mastery

Module 8:

Automating Your Wealth Plan

And here's what it will help you accomplish:


The Wealth Your Way Workbook

This companion workbook will guide you through every single step of the Wealth Your Way course and help you keep your notes, takeaways, and progress all in one place.


Investing Made Simple Course

Learn how to start investing–at any income–in a way that's simple and easy to understand. Walk away with a step-by-step passive investing strategy that you can implement immediately. 


The Masterclass Vault

Access to an ever-expanding wealth masterclass library covering topics like: year end tax strategies, how to setting financial goals that stick, managing your finances with your partner, and ending debt stress for good (even if you still have debt) .


Wealth Tools & Resources

There's no shortage of spreadsheets, planners, and guides to help you implement everything you learn inside the program so that you can save time and implement every financial lessons with ease.


Live Coaching Calls

Get coached live the inspiration, coaching and support you need to stay motivated and keep the momentum going as you transform your financial life. Plus download the call replays right to your phone via private member podcast and listen on the go.


Supportive Private Community

Connect with like-minded community members, and constantly refill your motivation tank by sharing your struggles and successes with wealth builders who are committed to mastering their finances while living deeply fulfilling and rich lives.

"Truly life changing!

I had never thought about or planned out the details of my dream life until I joined Wealth Builders Society! It's been truly life-changing and given me the tools and mindset training I need to create a vision for that dream; and an action plan to bring it to fruition. I now track my income and spending regularly, too!”


When you enroll, you'll also get access to these LIMITED TIME bonuses:


wealth your way workbook printed edition

When you join as a Lifetime Member during this limited enrollment period, you'll receive a printed edition of the Wealth Your Way Workbook mailed directly to your doorstep.

the sophisticated investor Program August 2022 Cohort

Move beyond long-term passive index fund investing and start actively trading stocks to generate income now. In this 6 month program you'll be guided through the process of creating and executing a trading strategy with confidence so that you can grow your investing income while minimizing risk.

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Wealth Builders Society was created to help empower you to make better financial decisions and start building wealth with simple, Proven strategies.

"So eye-opening!

I’m learning everything I wish I’d learned in high school! I feel much more knowledgeable about my own finances now. All the spreadsheets with the formulas already plugged in have been SO beneficial. I need concrete facts and numbers to learn and grow (and not panic!), and these resources totally help with that.


Now, talking to my husband about finances and planning for the future is MUCH easier. Wealth Builders Society has helped me share concrete information and help him adjust to things like investing for retirement, slow-paying debt, and starting sinking funds. It lowered my anxiety! I cannot thank you enough for this education!”

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When you purchase the Wealth Builders Society Lifetime Membership, you have access for the lifetime of the program!

If we ever decide to archive the program, you'll have the opportunity to download the program to you're computer, so you will always have access to it, whenever, where ever.

When you join WBS as a Lifetime Member you get access to the core WBS curriculum, masterclasses, tools, and resources for the lifetime of the program.

And when you enroll during this limited time enrollment period, you will also get access to four amazing bonuses: the Life Coaching Calls, the Private Student Community, the Wealth Your Way Workbook Printed Edition, and enrollment in the August 2022 Cohort of The Sophisticated Investor program!

When you join as a Lifetime Member it will replace your current membership. If currently pay your membership annually, you will receive a prorated refund within 10 business days. If you currently pay your membership via monthly installments, you will not have to make any future payments.

Yes! There is an exclusive payment option only available to current WBS members which gives you the option to pay for your enrollment in four monthly installments. Click here to access the payment plan.

As a Lifetime Member you will have access to all of the core content inside of Wealth Builders Society for the life of the program. That means that you will also have access to any new masterclasses, tools, resources, and courses that are available to existing WBS members. 

From time to time we do offer limited time promotions and bonuses to new members who join WBS and those are exclusive to the new members who join during that promotional period.

For most people, becoming a Wealth Builder is a journey of a lifetime. It's about building long-term, sustainable financial habits that will help you live the life that you want today, while also building your best financial future.


Each person's wealth-building journey is unique. Wealth Builders Society will give you the knowledge, resources, accountability, and support to help you reach your goals.

Can’t make it live? No worries — you’ll still be able to submit your question in advance, have it answered on the call, and watch the recording at your convenience afterward.

Don't see the answer to your question here? Email us at and we'll be happy to help!

Before you tell yourself "I still need to think about it"...

A Personal Note from Scarlett

No matter where you are in your journey, it IS possible for you to have the financial freedom, stability, and security you crave.

But I bet you’ve faced a mountain of overwhelm, frustration, and confusion trying to navigate it on your own up until now.

The thing is, you’re not alone.

I know firsthand just how life-changing it is to finally feel in control of your money. Over the past eight years, I’ve built a multi-six figure nest egg WHILE working regular jobs WHILE also paying down debt, and taking family vacations (and drinking many lattes).

And I want to share everything I've learned along the way with YOU.

I want you to experience the pure financial bliss that comes with creating a money plan tailored to your dream life. 

If you know that you want to build a financial future where managing your money is easy (and you don’t even have to think about it EVERY single day)…

Where you'll know the exact date you'll have your first million AND check that Alaska cruise off your bucket list along the way…

…Then we're here for you. Our community supports you. And we're so excited for you.

To building wealth, your way,


“I can FINALLY wrap my head around my numbers.

When I found Scarlett, her advice always just made sense! It was more holistic and realistic than any other financial advice I have heard and at the time, I had some extra income to put toward Wealth Builders Society and felt it would benefit me greatly in the long run. I’m so glad I did! 

The videos are quick and easy to follow, the worksheets and writing activities will help you tap into your brainpower. 

I FINALLY feel like I can wrap my head around managing all of the different variables by breaking down my budget into buckets and the exercises have been a big help in figuring out my priorities. It’s taught me that finances are about so much more than just numbers! 

As a result, I bought a house, opened up a joint checking account with my partner, and to boot — I got a promotion at work!


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