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Have you been wanting to start making more videos on YouTube but are short on time, ideas, and direction? Or maybe you just have no idea where to start with this whole video thing. 

Push those thoughts aside for a sec and imagine how much your channel could grow in a year. How will it feel to be making content for your fans, people who look forward to your content every day?

How will it feel to know that you are changing lives while also making creating a flourishing brand and business?

You CAN do this, even if you are short on time, don't have a perfect idea yet, or have no clue where to start with video. And we are here to help.

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Who are we?

Hey there!

We are Joseph and Tasha, working parents who grew our family lifestyle YouTube channel to over 138,000 subscribers in the past yearAnd that's while holding down two full-time jobs, wrangling our teen and toddler, and all the other things grown-ups are supposed to do. So we know the struggle.

More importantly, we did it with zero social media following or video experience. And we're going to show you how you can too!

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What you get in the FREE 7-Day YouTube Challenge: 

This free challenge will teach you EXACTLY what you need to know to create an effective YouTube video for your ideal audience  with the equipment you already have.

The emails will cover:

    • How to hone your video message and topics.
    • Researching and outlining your videos to make production easy.
    • Mastering the one-take video so you don't have to spend time editing.
  • Uploading and optimizing your video so your soon-to-be fans can find you!

You'll get an email a day for seven consecutive days. Each one is packed with value, lessons, and even homework to get you started implementing everything you've learned.

Join the email course now and start growing on YouTube today!

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