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Our new year is off to a slow start here at the OBH house, meaning that we haven’t really kick-started our new goals yet.

Instead, we are focusing on how we can simplify our lives and make space for all of the things that we want to accomplish this year. In today’s video, we share ten easy ways that you can simplify your life.

It can be really easy to just hit the ground running with all of those shiny new goals.

But I recommend taking a slower approach because it allows you to really set yourself up for success by making sure that you have made space in your life for those goals, that you’ve taken the time to really define your goals, and that you are putting systems in place that make you more likely to succeed.

The ten tips that we share in the video span multiple areas of your life. Even if your goals this year are focused on finances or health, the fact is that every part of our lives are interrelated. Stress in one area of our lives can derail our goals in another area.

So while it is important to give your goals the focus that they deserve, consider incorporating the tips that we share in the video in the other areas of your life so that your goals have the room that they need to grow and become a permanent part of your life this year.