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  • How To Create Your Perfect Morning Routine

    We’re at that time of the year where things are ramping up with the holidays and before we know it, we’ll be in 2021!   It’s so easy to wait until the new year to start reflecting on what you want to do differently. Which is why I want to really encourage you to get […]


  • Stop Trying to Be Productive

    Let me tell you something about to-do lists: I love them. I love that satisfying release that comes after crossing off a task. I love that tangible feeling of accomplishment. I love the sound the pen makes as you strike it through a task.  And because I enjoy working hard, I used to think my […]


  • How to Plan for the Life You Want

    Joseph and I are huge planners. We’re all about structuring our lives and making tweaks to those plans as we go along. That way we’re always building a life that gets us closer to our ideal. Our life plans include everything from where we live, the kind of work we do, how often we work […]