• How to Plan for the Life You Want

    Joseph and I are huge planners. We’re all about structuring our lives and making tweaks to those plans as we go along. That way we’re always building a life that gets us closer to our ideal. Our life plans include everything from where we live, the kind of work we do, how often we work […]


  • Financial Goals You Should Have in Your 30s

    There’s no one right way to money, but having some general guidelines for those different life stages can be really helpful as you think through what’s going to work best for your life. If you’ve been wondering what are some financial goals you might want to hit in your 30s, I’ve got you covered. This […]


  • Work At Home Jobs You’ll Actually Love Doing

    From the moment I realized that working from home was a thing, I’ve always made sure to seek out employers that would allow me to work from home. I’m the first person to admit that I am a complete homebody. I’d rather be sitting in my home office, looking out at the trees, clad in […]