• The Biggest Financial Mistakes You Are Making (and how to fix them!)

    We’ve all made our fair share of money mistakes, but there is one money mistake that consistently shows up at the top of most people’s financial regret list: not saving enough money.  YOU CAN’T FINANCE YOUR RETIREMENT Saving for your future should be one of your most important financial goals. You will want to be […]


  • 8 Ways to Spring Clean Your Finances

    We’re past spring and nearly into midsummer, but that doesn’t mean the surge of spring cleaning stops. It’s never too late to start re-organizing your life, especially your finances! You may be sitting on subscriptions you haven’t used in a couple of months that are devouring your money, or you haven’t really looked over your […]


  • Retire Early on Just A Million? How?!?

    retire early

    Joseph and I have decided that we want to be in a position to retire early if we choose too. We’ve talked about our plans in one of our older YouTube videos where we talk about how we intended to reach financial independence in nine years despite currently being one million dollars in debt. At that […]


  • Dreams of Owning A Lake House

    The first time I visited a house on a lake, I fell in love. It was my second year of law school. One of my friends invited the rest of our circle to spend a few relaxing days at her grandparent’s lake house in upstate New York. It was a cozy, homey place with a […]