Debt & Credit

  • How to Create a Debt Payoff Plan You Can Actually Stick With

    Want to know how to create a debt repayment plan that you can stick to? We share our best strategies in this step-by-step guide to paying off debt. Back in March, Joseph and I sat down and actually tallied up our debts. Between our mortgage and student loans, we knew we had to owe well […]


  • The Powerful Recipe That Will Give You Financial Freedom in 7 Steps

    7 Steps to Financial Freedom

    These seven steps to financial freedom are a great guide to help you get ahead financially and set short term and long term money goals. [embedyt] I rediscovered an old journal of mine this weekend that made me stop and think about how our goals can seem impossible, especially when it comes to finances. […]


  • What Would You Do If You Were Debt Free?

      I came across an inspirational quote on Instagram the other day that read: “What would you do if you were debt free?” The whole point of the quote, I think, was to get me to imagine how great I would feel if I were debt free right now. Presumably a whole world of possibilities will […]